HEALTH is a module for Linux that allows you read the temperatures, voltages, and fan RPMs of your system in real-time. That is, of course, if your system board supports it! See the file "Supported" in the archive for information (it's a really tiny download). You can even include your current CPU temperature in your web page! Just think of how much more interesting that would be than a silly WebCam of your filthy computer room. In fact, quit reading this, and go clean your room!

Currently, this module doesn't work with 2.4.x kernels. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if it ever will - it doesn't seem worth the effort since the lm_sensors project is so advanced.

Running Solaris??? Check out Phil's project for some Solaris-compatible software similar to this.

Finally! Version 0.03 is ready! This new release is the first stable (non-beta) release and also includes three new utilities. One is a GTK-based front end that lets you put the driver output in a nice XWindow. Another is a daemon that monitors the system and can e-mail you (or do just about anything else) if things start to melt. Lastly, there is a simple little cgi program so you can check your system on-line (if you run a web server). I used to have a link to an example here, but it's down for the time being due to a system reload. Since the new system is kernel 2.4, I'm not sure if/when it'll be put back up... (7/9/2001)

Future plans include a restructuring of the code or upkeep purposes (pretty much done), a solaris version (the person working on this for me is in the early prototype stage), and some stuff to get gnuplot to make nice graphs from logged data (pretty much done). If you think you might like to try to port this to *BSD or anything else, please drop me a line. As far as porting modules goes, it doesn't get much easier than this. (Although kernel modules are never for the faint of heart). If some of the new stuff sounds interesting, mail me and I'll send you a snapshot.

There is another project out there that really seems to have their act together, you can find them here. Their stuff is sadly, quite a bit more robust than my stuff. They've been working harder for longer and it shows! :) Anyway, I'm going to continue with mine 'cause choice is a good thing. Also, in my opinion, my stuff is easier to install...

Now then, if you're still with me, you can download the module from or you can get it from The first link is MUCH faster (T1), the second link is a scrawny 56k dialup. The first link may not be around forever, the second link should stay around for quite some time. You can get previous versions from here.

Please direct all flames to

On a side note - many thanks to,, and a kind poster on These sites help make free software work, and one of them is probably why you're here now.

I am aware that this page looks like crap! I will update it as time and public intrest in the program dictate. Particularly, I will update it as people send me e-mail with useful information.